How everyting started ...

It began with a report on the Maine Coon in a famous animal magazine in 1986. The animals which were shown there were beautiful and good natured cats. Particularly fascinating to me was the statement of a breeder in this article. When she goes to a cat show, she fetches her cats from the garden, the leaves are combed from the fur and so they go to the cat show (this would be unthinkable today – you have to bath your cats).

It was certain: it should be this kind of cat. Unfortunately, there were only a handful of breeders, who lived very far away at that time. We had an address in Bad Pyrmont, Cattery “Lohmont” of Elke and Rainer Lohstädt, with which we experenced many heighs and lows in the course of our lives as breeders.

On a sunny March day our Alaika of Lohmont moved in our home with us.

Alaika of Lohmont

Of course if we did not want to breed, perhaps we should have had one litter of kittens, not to exhibit the cat. Alaika had been registered by her breeder for an exhibition, and we imagined, if she is registered, we also can go there.

So we went to our first cat show in Bremen and of course we had not the slightest idea, what “V1”, “CAC” or ”Best in show” meant. We were enlightened quickly, Alaika made “Best in Variety” and “Best in show 3-6 month female”.

We floated as if we were on clouds and it was certain: we will breed our cats!

So it came, how it had to come: three months later Antony of Muttersnout

Antony of Muttersnout

moved in our home, an blacktabby male and it started with many successes and cups for us the time of the exhibitions.

show cupscups

One of the highlights was when Antony became a “Best of Best” the first time.

On april 5th, 1988, the first litter from Peppermountz was born, eight babies, and we were learning to know the efforts and problems, to raise the little kittens and to find a good home for them, too.

Alaika of Lohmont with 8 kitten

Of course the little kittens have enriched our life with a lot of joy and fun but it wasn't simple to give them to the new owner, when they were old enough.

After another year and after our second litter Sweet Dixie of Tenderness, a blacktortie / white, came into our team and provided colored kittens for the first time at the Cattery of Peppermountz.

Sweet Dixie of Tenderness

Within the next years we kept some kittens for ourselves. A great moment was, when one of our own kitten, Bagheera of Peppermountz, became a “Best of Best”.

Bagheera of Peppermountz

After we had raised some litters now and already had a little experience in breeding, we dared to the next challenge: The white ones!

Sweet White Angel of Tenderness came from Berlin to us and the starting signal for breeding with white was given. We breeded the white giants successfully, and have not had a deaf kitten in all our litters with white.

Sweet White Angel of Tenderness

Our Angel died by us in the age of 18 years.

By the year 1990 started the type-like changes of the Maine Coon. So we decided to buy Mr. Spock the Legendary, our first male in the new look. At his first exhibition in 1993 we were confirmed in our decision at once, too. It was issued far over 100 Maine Coons and Spock won “Best in Variety”, “Best in Show” and “Best of Best” behind each other on two days and received the title “Best Maine Coon of the year 1993” in the Royal Cat Club. And this with almost six months - this was our absolutely biggest exhibition success.

Mr. Spock the Legendary

1994 was an important year again, too. We bought Megas Xanadu in Denmark - our first Maine Coon with polydactylism and the beginning of an absolute passion. Cats with polydactylism are something special, all our sellers of kitten confirm us today certainly, which has become a passion to the polydactyl cats too. So they bought most a second or third too.

Mega`s Xanadu

We have started with our breeding slowly, the number of cats has risen slowly only in the course of the years. Today, I very often see that new breeder get themselves four to five cats only before they have the first litter. As quick as they bought their kittens, so quick they will stop with breeding.

Antony, Bagheera, Chandra and Dixie

We kept from these early years most of our neuters, some have died in the meantime, others still live with us. We definitely think that the neuters enrich our life very much. They reflect the long years of our breeding. Of course we cannot keep all the neuters any more, because we already have too many. From time to time, an animal has a quite special place in our heart and this remains natural.

In the meantime, we very seldom go to exhibitions as we have no desire for this. We prefer to sit outdoors with our cats and dogs in summer and enjoy the sun

sunshie and outdoor

or in winter in front of our comfortable fireplace

Silky and Xanadu

and we are well.

Nero with Shadow of Peppermountz

Still see some animals now, which had and have a great contribution to the 22 years Peppermountz. And of course you also sees the development the Maine Coon on these pictures within two decades.

Frisco of Peppermountz
Frisco of Peppermountz, a son of the " of famous " Moritz of The Legendary to which we were allowed to come for breeding, at the age of 4 weeks. At that time, we already suspected,

Frisco of Peppermountz
that he would become a very big one.

Chandra of Peppermountz
Chandra of Peppermountz, mother of Frisco, which unfortunately died by Caesarean section at her third litter.

Shalimar the Legendary
Shalimar the Legendary, by far one of our most social peaceable and dearest cats which died at the age of 14 years shortly after a stroke.

Elyza of Peppermoutz
She died in the age of 16 1/2 years.

We don't know whether we will be breeding once again. Today, some things are simpler; some things are also much heavier. Only one thing has always remained the same with us: The love and gratitude for our cats which we would like to thank here for the always harmonic and loving living together.

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